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Product design development, Prototyping, Custom-made products, Product photography and Graphic design


Design is the form for thought. We rely on the years of experience in our field to share our views on the functional and the poetic, on what is true in design, with selected agencies and brands.

About us

ALLT is a design studio run by Peter Simonik and Elena Simonik, based in Bratislava, Slovakia since 2011. Functional object, a product, is our point of interest, furniture and all that comes to mind. We like them purposeful and with a story behind.

There is also a range of client work that can be commissioned with ALLT, including product photography and graphic design. If interested, you are welcome to contact us about commissions, collaborations, or any ideas whatsoever.

Looking for

ALLT is always looking for a meaningful object to create. Also, we are looking for partners to deliver it! We have a portfolio of self-initiated projects, which we are eager to pass on to producers.

New collections are greatly inspired by the manufacturing process a partner company can offer and ALLT studio is resourceful in this creative challenge. We enjoy widening the range of approach to materials or hitting the underlying essence that can be useful in a product. If interested – let us know!


ALLT is happy to learn product design has its place in galleries and we have shown our installations not only at commercial fairs but many art previews as well. We try and serve the products with a story to let the public know the process of creation, the scale of work or the future the things will live through with their owners.

ALLT products and installations have been welcome to Milan and London, Tel Aviv and Prague. Want to include the studio into an exhibition? Full list of our shows, past and planned, is available via email.

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