Bins for Curaprox

Product and design development for Curaprox. Recycling bins made of recycled toothbrushes.

Limit clocks

An elegant ‘allt-ernative’ to your traditional grandfather clock, featuring minimal stone textured hands on a strict solid metal surface background.

Circular cityscapes

High quality concrete enables large scale format tiles. Applicable foruse in public area projects.

Cityscapes carpet

Cityscapes is a tiled carpet which derives its isometric form from complex city views and uses a woolen felt as the material of choice.

With our future partners, we wish to develop products that will reflect who they are, but also push the essence further through a useful product.

Allt studio is resourceful in the creative challenges of product development as we enjoy widening our range of materials and acknowledge the specifics in the manufacturing process a partner can offer.